Getting your products retail-ready:


Since 1989, GAIM has not only has been thriving as a U.S. manufacturer, we’ve been building a network of experts who have the know-how to help navigate the challenges in bringing a new product to market. We’ve maintained valuable partnerships with quality companies and individuals to help clients gain access to opportunities for their products to succeed.


GAIM has vast experience in developing smartly designed packaging for a variety of products for different types of markets and applications. We function as a consultant for customers and can offer our own services to help create a packaging solution – or connect you with any number of preferred vendors to develop quality packaging for your part or product. 

Retail and Amazon

With a thorough understanding retailers’ expectations, rules and compliance requirements, GAIM has extensive experience working with clients to help them navigate the challenges retail brings when selling into big box stores. In addition to selling directly to big box retails, we produce, pack and ship retail-ready products for a large number of other clients.

GAIM also has a preferred Amazon seller who specializes in taking quality products and turning them into volume sale items on Amazon. Anyone can list on Amazon, but getting your products set up for success to be found and sold is a completely different challenge. GAIM can help make your product Amazon-ready, ship directly into fulfillment centers and partner you up with an Amazon guru who manages the sales.

If you’re looking for a quality manufacturer to give you the personal attention, experience and guidance for you part or product, look no further than GAIM.

– Tom M.
eCommerce Director – Source Direct, LLC.

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