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In 1989, Skip Glatt threw open the doors of GAIM, and a member of the Glatt family has been running it ever since. When we say “family,” we’re also including our employees, with so many having been with us since our inception. Same goes for a lot of our clients and vendor partnerships. We take particular pride in that, because to us, “family” means a number things. Like a genuine caring, proven in our quick response times to our clients, anticipating their needs and taking a proactive approach in answering them.

We also believe that stellar quality and outstanding service are a reflection of our values. That’s not just talk. We show it with on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and the attention to detail that goes into every product and part we produce.

Here’s what else we’re exceedingly proud of: “Made in the U.S.A.” It might as well be our motto. Having established roots in Illinois, it applies not only to our company, but to all our products. Moreover, we’ve been molding those products from 100% recycled materials since day one, earning GAIM the moniker of Recycling Pioneers. We’ve been eco-friendly before eco-friendly was cool!

The whole point here is that like every close family, we get a genuine thrill out of seeing each other succeed. And that goes double for our clients. Your success is our ultimate goal. If that’s your goal as well, look no further. You’ve got GAIM.



Ed Glatt is the president and owner of GAIM Plastics. He has over 14 years of experience in the plastics field. Ed was mentored by Skip Glatt, the original founder of GAIM. The two worked closely for 13 years until Skip retired in November 2021. Ed’s background in plastics and design with a specialty in sales and marketing allows him to see the big picture from form design to shelf appeal

If you’re looking for a quality manufacturer to give you the personal attention, experience and guidance for you part or product, look no further than GAIM.

– Tom M.
eCommerce Director – Source Direct, LLC.

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