Take a look at how our various services were involved in creating these winning products –

to name a few.

The Heft

Invented in Canada, the Heft is now a wholly U.S. product, refined, upgraded and manufactured here at GAIM. Attaching in less than one second, it’s the fastest, easiest, most ergonomic secondary handle to use. You can find The HEFT in Canadian retailers, Lowe’s and Home Hardware, and at U.S. retailers including, and selected Amazon and Menards.

Mr. Stacky

Mr. Stacky is a variety of planter systems once made overseas. GAIM brought the manufacturing of Mr. Stacky back from overseas and each Spring produces tens of thousands in a spectrum of colors and sizes that are sold into Amazon, retailers, farms, schools, and more!


For Ecoturf Midwest Inc. and with contractors’ safety in mind, GAIM designed Ecoduty Stakes to replace the unsafe metal stakes that are prevalent in the market. Our Earth-friendly staking solution included everything from concept, branding, and part and mold designs to production, where we utilized new technologies to break down plastics and transform them into biodegradable, all-natural byproducts.


Since 1995, we have produced thousands of products for Bird-X. After growing the brand within Home Depot, Menards and on Amazon, we worked closely with Bird-X to refresh the design and enhance the product. To fit the new design into the existing box size, we created a machine to pack the parts into the box all while maintaining the box integrity. 

Antenna Plus

Shortly after the inception of Antenna Plus in 1995, GAIM helped fund the startup’s tooling to assist them in getting their line of antennae off the ground. Since then, GAIM has been providing high quality molded Antenna Plus products until 2017, when the multi-million dollar company sold to a larger corporation. 

SPX Genfare

Since the mid 90s, GAIM has played a major role in the production of the Genfare Farebox used on buses and trolleys in New Orleans, molding the covers and all internal components. The Farebox project calls for a very heavy secondary operation, which we handle without a hitch, order after order. We sonic weld brass inserts, belt-sand and paint to get the products ready for assembly at Genfare.

We have been working with G.A.I.M. for the past 8 years. They have both created and injected our molds since the inception of our company. What a great company with fantastic people. Rest assured that they can handle all of your injection molding needs!

– Patrick S.
President – Mag Storage Solutions

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