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Biodegradable plastic injection molding resin

Reducing one’s fossil fuel imprint is a goal virtually every manufacturer is striving to meet. It’s yet one more thing that GAIM is making easier for OEM’s to do. We do it by using cutting-edge BIORESINS.

Since 2012, GAIM has collaborated with experts in the BIORESIN industry to test and source custom resins in order for both new and existing products to be classified as bio-based. Best of all, we’re able to shrink carbon footprints while keeping the highest of quality standards – and the products competitively priced. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. You, your customers, and the planet.

Permanent Solutions

  • Custom formulas following USDA standards
  • Fully bio-based or bio-blended to meet your pricing and product needs
  • New product development, prototyping and tooling available. Bring us your new ideas or current products.


Biodegradable options

  • Proprietary blends to make your product biodegradable
  • Biodegradability Testing provided


Contact us to see if your product or idea is a candidate for our BIORESINS.

We have been working with G.A.I.M. for the past 8 years. They have both created and injected our molds since the inception of our company. What a great company with fantastic people. Rest assured that they can handle all of your injection molding needs!

– Patrick S.
President – Mag Storage Solutions

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