From dream…to done.


The process: Taking your vision “from art to part...”

As you can imagine, taking a product idea from inception to creation to delivery involves numerous moving parts. Where do you even start?

No worries. You’ve got GAIM. Backed with 30+ years of experience in Manufacturing, Rapid Injection Molding Prototyping, and New Product Development, we’ll explain every step of the process and discuss options for paths forward.

  • First, we set up a consultation, focusing on understanding the client’s needs and brainstorming the possible ways those needs can be met.
  • Based on the client’s input, we then work with our team to help create part drawings and tooling, taking pains to design a mold and rapid injection molding prototype that matches their vision.
  • The mold is tested and the drawings and prototype nurtured until a production-ready part or product is the end result.

We view ourselves as caretakers of the entire process, working to minimize costs and risks while maximizing efficiency and quality of the finished product.

Beyond manufacturing...

Need additional services that will get your product market-ready? We do that, too. Let’s start making your idea – a reality.

If you’re looking for a quality manufacturer to give you the personal attention, experience, and guidance for your part or product, look no further than GAIM. 

– Tom M.
eCommerce Director – Source Direct, LLC.

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