Plastic Injection Molding Contract Manufacturing

Plastic Injection Molding Contract Manufacturing

Welcome to GAIM Plastics Inc., where we redefine excellence in plastics injection molding contract manufacturing. Our core values of innovation, quality, and integrity shape every aspect of our operation, driving us to deliver exceptional value and foster a workplace culture grounded in care and innovation.


We’re all about evolution and creativity. Our vision is to encourage the full potential of our clients and bring innovative product solutions to our customers.


Fueled by care and a rich legacy, we’re on a mission to build the GAIM brand. We add value to our customers, contribute positively to our people and community, and ensure financial security for all stakeholders.


GAIM exists to instill confidence in everything we do. We provide value-added solutions to unique challenges in the plastics industry.

Our Values

We’re a committed work family, balancing dedication to our work with care for our individual families.

We believe in teamwork to maximize talents and achieve greatness. We’re committed to providing value to our company, customers, suppliers, and society through collaboration.

We use resources wisely for the company, environment, and society.

Honesty and authenticity are crucial. Transparency builds trust, making interactions enjoyable and trustworthy.

Do the Right Thing:
Integrity is our cornerstone. We commit to honesty, authenticity, safety, and quality.

Constant Improvement:
Embracing change and challenging convention, we aim to be diligent, accountable, and learn from failures while celebrating successes.

Work Ethic:
Our work ethic is about making things better daily. We’re diligent, passionate, and energetic, facing hurdles with dedication and adaptability.

Choosing GAIM Plastics Inc. means choosing a partner committed to innovation, quality, and integrity. Experience the GAIM difference—where excellence is not just a goal; it’s a way of life.

GAIM Plastics – Your Plastic Injection Molding Contract Manufacturing Company

If you have any questions concerning contract manufacturing your plastic components, reach out for a free, no-obligation consult.