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Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers

When does too much business become a problem?

Perhaps you have a current project involving pieces that makes it tough to keep you on schedule. Maybe it’s because the machine is always in use. Or the part is too small for your equipment. Suddenly, production is interrupted, costing valuable time and money.

GAIM is your solution!

As a family-run company with 30+ years of assisting injection molding companies extend their capacity and services, we’ll come to your rescue with…

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Facility & Equipment:

  • 22,000 Square Foot Facility
  • Offsite Low Cost Short Term Storage
  • 2 Shifts running 80 hours a week, additional 3rd shift when needed
  • Machines – 15 molding machines ranging from 55t – 400t
  • Tool Room – 2 Sonic Welders, 1 Thermal Staker, 2 Milling Centers
  • Assembly Area for Fulfillment packaging parts from machines
  • Warehouse and Shipping
  • In-House Packaging and Graphics Consultation
  • New location expansion in Elmhurst, Illinois, USA

Examples Of Our Capabilities:

Mr Stacky

Mr Stacky

Mr. Stacky is a variety of planter systems once made overseas. GAIM brought the manufacturing back from overseas and each Spring produces tens of thousands in a spectrum of colors and sizes that are sold into Amazon, retailers, farms, schools, and more!

SPX Genfare

GAIM played a major role in the production of the Genfare Farebox used on buses and trolleys in New Orleans. We mold the covers and all internal components, as well as sonic weld brass inserts, belt-sand and paint to get the products ready for assembly.

The Heft


Our Earth-friendly staking solution included everything from concept, branding, and part and mold designs to production, where we utilized new technologies to break down plastics and transform them into biodegradable, all-natural byproducts.

Why Our Clients Love Us:


Take Your Manufacturing To A New Level:

With Faster Delivery, Better Quality, Greater Capacity, Wider Applications, And Add-On Services For Your Clients.

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